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Congressman Tom Marino

Representing the 10th District of Pennsylvania

Why I Will Vote ‘No’ on the Iran Nuclear Deal

July 29, 2015
Press Release

Washington D.C.—Today, Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) issued a statement on the Obama Administration’s negotiated deal with the Republic of Iran regarding its nuclear weapons development and fissile material procurement. Marino made his decision after yesterday’s House Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing where he questioned Secretary of State John Kerry about the safety of America and our allies.

Marino said the following of how he plans to vote on the deal:

“I have been a skeptic of this deal since the Obama Administration announced it would begin negotiations with Iran. There was no need to legitimize a radical government that brutalizes its people, threatens peace between its neighbors and is directly responsible for the loss of American lives.

Iran has shown no serious commitment to peace and stability in the Middle East, nor demonstrated the diplomatic sanity to finally curtail its inflammatory rhetoric and death chants to America and Israel. It remains the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism and even vowed to continue its support for terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. Iran has no record of trustworthiness and has continued to openly display its deceitfulness during the supposed negotiation process.

I followed the developments of these negotiations thoroughly and saw an Iran unwilling to make meaningful concessions. They worked from a position of rigidity and stubbornness. As a result, the president and Secretary Kerry failed to secure even the most basic concessions like returning all Americans held captive in Iran, halting the development of weapons delivery systems and agreeing to a robust anytime-anywhere inspections agreement. Instead, we gave a 24 day inspection notice period and agreed to lift economic sanctions which only further the certainty of this deal’s rejection by Congress and the American people.

This is a bad deal for America, our allies and the entire world. I refuse to vote in favor of a deal which enables an evil state like Iran to proliferate nuclear weaponry while continuing its belligerency and perversion of religion and government.

Secretary Kerry said if the deal does not pass muster in Congress than it will fail. I say, good! My vote will be a resounding ‘No’ when this is put on the floor of the House for a vote.”