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Congressman Tom Marino

Representing the 10th District of Pennsylvania

Marino Responds to Obama `Scare'

July 13, 2011
Press Release


WASHINGTON (July 12, 2011) – U.S. Rep. Tom Marino, PA-10, on Tuesday admonished President Obama for using scare tactics on American senior citizens in order to push the administration’s agenda for tax increases.

Obama told a national television reporter that he cannot guarantee that Social Security checks will go out as planned next month if Democrats and Republicans fail to reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling by Aug. 2.

Marino said the President’s remarks represent a new low.

“Instead of spending time spreading falsehoods to seniors, this administration should propose a plan that could pass Congress,” Marino said. “I think this only shows how desperate this man is to get his way and to raise taxes.”

Social Security benefits are paid from the program’s account which is financed by payroll taxes, federal income taxes paid by some beneficiaries on a portion of their benefits, and interest income from the Social Security trust fund investments.

Social Security does not need Congress to authorize funds for it each year because the program continues to operate, even without an appropriations bill.

Marino accused the President of playing politics with the fears of the nation’s 55 million beneficiaries of Social Security.

 “His Chicago-style politics will not fool or intimidate the American people,” Marino said. “He is finding out that this is not politics as usual. The President has run head first into a group of new congressmen who are holding fast to their principles,” Marino said. “We know why we were sent to Washington.”