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Congressman Tom Marino

Representing the 10th District of Pennsylvania

ICYMI: Rep. Marino Op-Ed: Truth is the Key to Solving the Opioid Crisis

October 26, 2017
Press Release

ICYMI: Rep. Marino Op-Ed: Truth is the Key to Solving the Opioid Crisis
The Hill
October 25, 2017

““What is truth?” was Pontius Pilate’s famous question to Jesus. In our nation’s capital and the media, the answer seems to be “whatever the Washington Post says it is.”

“Recently, an epic 7,800-word piece in the Post claimed that legislation I co-sponsored – and which passed both houses of Congress unanimously and was signed by President Barack Obama with the approval of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) – represented a “victory” for opioid drug manufacturers. 


“Far from being the nefarious result of industry actions, the legislation originated with my own interactions with constituents. In 2012, I met with a community pharmacist having so much trouble obtaining prescription opioids that he had to turn away legitimate pain patients. When I directed my staff to research what was happening in the supply chain, they found that disrupted access to needed medications was indeed systematic."


Effectiveness in any public health initiative is about optimally directing resources and getting parties to engage collaboratively.  It’s not about pursuing personal crusades at the whim of a single bureaucrat – while potentially interrupting needed medications to veterans, hospice patients and those with chronic conditions for whom opioids can be the difference between a bearable existence and utter agony.


“For my part, I’m going to keep the focus on the action agenda I have pursued over recent years and would have advanced as ONDCP director: to delve into the complexities of the opioid crisis, identify effective uses of resources, and build collaboration. 


“In short, in contrast to media sensationalism, when it comes to the opioid crisis, I’m going to keep trying to find the truth – in the hope of designing the best policies to set millions of troubled Americans free.”

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