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Rewarding Iran’s Assault on Peace

"Our time and effort would have been better spent squeezing them further with more severe sanctions."
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Term Limits Will Change "business as usual"

Tom firmly believes limiting the number of consecutive years a Member of Congress can serve will increase productivity and alleviate partisan gridlock.
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Congressman Marino has the privilege of ordering American flags to be flown over the United States Capitol. Click to order a flag.
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Latest News

Crawford, Gibbs, Marino to Seek Environmental Protection Agency Investigation

Aug 5, 2015 Press Release

For years this agency has sought to push a radical political agenda instead of focusing on making rules in an open and transparent manner.

Rep. Marino Takes on Billion Dollar Regulations

Aug 4, 2015 Press Release

The REVIEW Act provides certainty to the regulatory process, by halting billion dollar regulations until the legal proceedings surrounding their legitimacies and costs have concluded.

Marino, Pierluisi Introduce Transnational Drug Trafficking Bill

Jul 29, 2015 Press Release

The legislation is intended to curtail the pervasiveness of the transnational drug trade and trafficking by making it easier for U.S. law enforcement officials to identify and target source-nation traffickers.

Why I Will Vote ‘No’ on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Jul 29, 2015 Press Release

This is a bad deal for America, our allies and the entire world. I refuse to vote in favor of a deal which enables an evil state like Iran to proliferate nuclear weaponry while continuing its belligerency and perversion of religion and government.

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