Term Limits Will Change "business as usual"

Tom firmly believes limiting the number of consecutive years a Member of Congress can serve will increase productivity and alleviate partisan gridlock.
Term Limits Will Change "business as usual" feature image

Marino Urges Obama to Get Tough on Ebola

Congressman Marino joined 27 of his House colleagues in urging Obama to protect Americans from further Ebola cases.
Marino Urges Obama to Get Tough on Ebola feature image

Marino Honors Stanley Sones with Purple Heart

Presenting Stanley Sones with the Purple Heart is among the greatest honors of my life. Our family and millions of Americans are forever grateful for his heroic service. I hope to see him again very soon.
Marino Honors Stanley Sones with Purple Heart feature image

Rep. Marino Calls on Mexico to Release Sgt. Tahmooressi

"If they want our taxpayer’s hard-earned money in the form of foreign aid, and if they want continued diplomatic relations with our country then they will send our Marine home today."
Tom speaks at Sgt. Tahmooressi's Congressional Hearing

Order An American Flag Flown Over the Capitol

Congressman Marino has the privilege of ordering American flags to be flown over the United States Capitol. Click to order a flag.
American Flag and the Capitol Dome

Latest News

Media Advisory: Rep. Marino to Host Small Business Innovation Event

Oct 21, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Tom Marino will host an official event designed to connect local small businesses with internet technology companies.

Rep. Marino Seeks Frieden Resignation & Complete Travel Ban from Ebola-affected Countries

Oct 15, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Marino called on CDC Director, Tom Frieden to resign from his position citing failures in adequate hospital preparation, public information dissemination and overall protection of high-traffic public transportation facilities.

Marino Joins Letter to Urge Obama for Tougher Actions Against Ebola

Oct 10, 2014 Press Release

Rep. Tom Marino joined a letter to urge President Obama to take tougher action on Ebola safety.

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